Anyone who has visited ECHOES' partner projects in Uganda will remember the frequent and frustrating power outages that short-circuit learning and delayed patient care.  Unreliable power may be a thing of the past now that the two schools and medical center are using micro-solar lighting and phone charging devices. Barefoot Power installed more than $3,000 in solar equipment in November 2012 - a gift from Australian Jo Hind and her mother. A Sydney schoolmate of  ECHOES Founder Nereida Gordon.  Hind paid a visit to Trinity and Double Cure when her husband's company, Barefoot Power, expanded to Uganda. "She was amazed at what they were accomplishing in such rough conditions," says Nereida. So amazed that she and her mother were inspired to make the generous donation.

Needless to say, our Ugandan partners are thrilled.  "Each time the power was off we had to buy fuel for the generator," writes Sarah Serunjogi, co-founder of Trinity, Centenary and Double Cure with her husband, Romans. "Now the schools saves money for other things and teaching is effective at night ... Patients are having treatment any time without waiting to light the generator, if it goes ... Thanks so much and pass our thanks to Jo for this wonderful donation."  Consider it done, Sarah: THANK YOU, JO!

CNN paid a visit to Trinity - and interviewed Sarah - for a recent "Inside Africa" segment about new energy solutions in Uganda. Click here to view the CNN report.