We couldn't be prouder of the students and staff at Trinity Children's Centre!

The national test scores are in and the news is fantastic! Out of 12,000 primary schools in Uganda, Trinity ranked 110. Among Kampala district's 400 schools, Trinity was 14th. Woohoo!

The school's founders, Romans and Sarah, tell us they've been interviewed by TV, radio and newspaper reporters, all of them asking how Trinity students consistently perform so well with so little. Their answer? "We feed the children. Children can't learn on empty stomachs." So true. A huge thank you to everyone out there - ECHOES friends and Y.E.S. sponsors – for keeping Trinity's children nourished - body, mind and soul.

Sadly, some Trinity students may have to leave school if they don't find Y.E.S. tuition sponsors. If you haven't yet signed up to be an ECHOES' Y.E.S. sponsor for this school year, now's the time! For less than a dollar a day and up, you can keep a child in school and give him/her a fighting chance at a brighter future. Click here to say Y.E.S.!